Contained/ Uncontained Digital Exhibition 2020

This work engages with ways in which history is recorded and interpreted. It explores institutional museology and sets this against the junk shop, the detritus of house clearances, the disordered clutter of the past. It proposes a phenomenological experience of the past, the garret as a site for the performance of memory.

This is a digital version of the exhibition, combining printmaking, film, photography, textiles, found objects, and written words.

Artist statement

2 thoughts on “Contained/ Uncontained Digital Exhibition 2020

  1. Well done, it’s all so cleverly put together. I like the connections with poetry and books. You’ve put so much thought into it all and that really shows. Inspirational.

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  2. Very impressive work Christine. Your highly accomplished, creative thinking has produced an outcome which those, such as myself, who have a very limited understanding of art, can appreciate.

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