Artist Statement

These fragments I have shored against my ruins

T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

I am at a stage in my life where I want to draw sense from things, from objects, from remains, to seek patterns, and explore responses to passing time and to loss, to the address the phenomenon of pastness.  I am interested in history and historiography, in memory and transience, responding to the theoretical construction of “textuality” with phenomenology, materiality and with the affective claims of the poetic. My inspirations are often the written word, literary and otherwise, which evoke intellectual and emotional reactions, and I find meaning in creating art works which are conceptual in nature but highly tactile, sculptural, and performative, which attempt to do what words do not.

In this project, printmaking techniques have been used as a metaphor, as the imprint of memory. Sculptural objects inhabit space, and stake a claim to a material existence. Found objects and created ones reside in a poetic space, the garret, “the dreaming space of the house”, Bachelard (1964), and invite verbs- the holding on, dwelling with, and letting go of our relationship with the past. The garret is an engagement with the past in a fabricated present, an analogy of mental space, in which intellectual tools, concepts and language, attempt to order and preserve the world but are subject to wear and decay. As an art piece, it references the ceremonial.

Bachelard, G. The Poetics of Space. 1964. (Trans. Jolas, M.) UK, Penguin.


One thought on “Artist Statement

  1. “…creating artworks… which attempt to do what words cannot” The interaction with all the thoughtfully created and curated artwork allowed me (and others, I am sure) to really visualise and understand the memories shared in your exhibition.

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